Kindle unlimited /audible : A comparison of both version

Past few year people have switched to the digital medium for their reading. There are abundant choice and you wouldn’t have to go to a particular place to read or find your favourite copy of a book. You just have to go online and there will be many sites which are available that will help you catch up on the latest books. Check out kindle unlimited vs audible.

Benefits and features

If you don’t actually want to read each and every line you can get an audiobook which you could plug into your earphones and listen to your reading material without disturbing others. The people using kindle and audible are growing because of the kind of services they offer to the user. For each service you will first have to subscribe and there are two kinds of memberships to choose from the audible service. The fees vary greatly between the two but each of them provides a free trial for a month which goes to the user’s benefit so that they can try first and make up their minds to choose which one they would want to subscribe.

The users can avail an initial promotional offer of both the services. Kindle will provide you an unlimited access to their library whereas audible will allow you 2 audiobooks and 2 audible originals which is a great offer for a new user to the service. The library size is tremendous for kindle to boast about with one million books along with mixed titles to offer the reader. There is also much more in the form of 40,000 books which have audible compatibility along with 2000 audibles which are absolutely free. Whereas the latter has 200,000 audibles that you can avail to listen. You can see what works for you when you go through kindle unlimited vs audible.

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