Every other year (starting in 2010) the Association for Communal Harmony (ACHA) invites nominations for the following awards.
  1. ACHA PEACE STAR AWARD (formerly ACHA STAR AWARD) is given to individuals (and organizations) that have performed meritorious work in promotion of peace and communal harmony.
  1. ACHA AWARD is meant for individuals (and organizations) that have performed substantial service to ACHA.

Directors and Officers of ACHA are not eligible for these awards.

Self-nominations are not acceptable.

ACHA Awards do not have any financial value. They have been set up to recognize some of the unsung peace and harmony heroes, and those who have performed substantial service to ACHA.

Nominees as well as the nominators may be from any part of the world, but preference is given to the nominees whose work is focused on South Asia and South Asians.

Each nomination must include the following information. Nominations must include ALL the details listed below. Incomplete nominations will not be accepted.

Current/valid email addresses for the nominator as well as the nominee are essential for any follow-up correspondence, which may be necessary with either or both.

  1. What are your name, email address and complete postal/mailing address?
  2. Are you active in peace and harmony work? If yes, please tell us briefly about the peace and harmony work you have done and/or you are doing?
  3. How long have you known the nominee?  What is the nature of your relationship with the nominee?
  4. Any other relevant information about you.


  1. What are the name, email address and complete postal/mailing address of your nominee?
  2. The award for which you are nominating the nominee?
  3. What about the nominee’s work makes you believe that the nominee deserves the award?
  4. Brief description of the nominee's education, work and other achievements.
  5. Any other relevant information about the nominee.

It is responsibility of the nominator to make sure that the nominee is willing to be recognized with the ACHA Award for which the nominee is being nominated.
Nominations should be sent by email to before the closing date. Only those nominations, which are sent in response to ACHA announcement, are accepted.
After the ACHA Board has reviewed the nominations and selected the finalists, all the nominees and the nominators are informed by email.
When possible, Awards are presented to the successful candidates at a special ceremony. Otherwise the awards are sent to them by mail.


Called ACHA Star Awards before 2006

Dr. Ezra and Farhat Azhar, Portland, OR, USA
Dr. Nisha Joshi, Portland, OR, USA

Dr. Khalid Khan, Vancouver, WA, USA
Pervez Saleem, Portland, OR, USA
Mark Tamimi, Lake Oswego, OR, USA

Late Azhar Mallick, Portland, OR, USA

Kathryn Jackson, Portland, OR, USA

Dr. Ingrid Shafer, Chickasha, OK, USA

Oregon Peace Works, Salem, OR, USA
Oregon Peace Institute (OPI), Portland, OR, USA

Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer, Mumbai, India
Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Abdul Hameed Nayyar, Islamabad, Pakistan
Dr. Ram Puniyani, Mumbai, India
Sundeep Waslekar , Mumbai, India

2005 (Report and Pictures)
Saeeda Diep, Lahore, Pakistan
Shabnam Hashmi, New Delhi, India
Rev. Dr. Bonniface Mendes, Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan
Ashok Ramsarup, Durban, South Africa
Yernagula Venkata Jagannadha Rao, Bhubaneswar, India

Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi, Varanasi, India
B. M. Kutty, Karachi, Pakistan
Karamat Ali, Karachi, Pakistan
Mubashir Mirza, Sadiqabad, Pakistan

2010 (Press Release)
Dr. Mohammad Arif, Varanasi, India
Jatin Desai, Mumbai, India
Ashfaq Fateh, Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan
Faisal Khan, New Delhi, India
Dilafrose Qazi, Srinagar, India
Awais Sheikh, Lahore, Pakistan

2012 (Press Release)
Mr. Lajja Shankar Herdenia (Bhopal, India)
Dr. Syed Mazher Hussain (Hyderabad, India)
Ms. Sheema Kermani (Karachi, Pakistan)
Mr. Pramod Sharma (Chandigarh, India)


Called Make A Difference Awards before 2006

Jaisen Mody, Portland, OR, USA
Srilakshmi Renganathan, Beaverton, OR, USA
UDAAN, Portland, OR, USA

Steve Amdahl, Portland, OR, USA
Aruna Kumar, Portland, OR, USA
Ishvar Patel, Salem, OR, USA
Srinivas Addanki, Beaverton, OR, USA
Shailajah Prasannan, Portland, OR, USA
Sabira Quraishi, Portland, OR, USA
Wajidi Said, Portland, OR, USA
Rita Soman, Troutdale, OR, USA
Kuldip Vaid, Beaverton, OR, USA
Shariar Ahmed, Beaverton, OR, USA
India Cultural Association, Portland, OR, USA
Hari Das Khlasa, D.C. , Portland, OR, USA
Kailesh Patel, Vancouver, WA, USA

Beaverton Rotary Club, Beaverton, OR, USA
Ann Huntwork, Portland, OR, USA
Kalakendra, Portland, OR, USA
Praveen Kumar, Fairview, OR, USA
Manish Patel, Portland, OR, USA
Portland chapter of Association for India's Development (AID), Portland, OR, USA
Gidu Sriram, Beaverton, OR, USA

Philip D'Onofrio, Portland, OR, USA
Asian Pacific Islander Community Improvement Association
Bakulesh "Buggsi" Patel, Lake Oswego, OR, USA
Samira Godil, Beaverton, OR, USA

2005 (Report and Pictures)
Monika Arora, Tualatin, OR, USA
Salma Ahmad, Portland, OR, USA

2010 (Press Release)
Sharafat Ali, Karachi, Pakistan




November 8, 2012