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Membership List


Founded in 1993, Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA) is a U.S.-based nonprofit, nonpolitical organization, which is dedicated to promoting peace in South Asia, and harmony among South Asians everywhere.


Please email the completed Membership Application below (or each piece of information requested in it) to Membership becomes effective only after the applicant responds by email to its acknowledgement by ACHA.

All communication from ACHA is by email. Memberís email address is used only for ACHA business.

ACHA Members are entitled to free subscription to the following ACHA electronic discussion forum and electronic publications.


1.      Asiapeace is our worldwide electronic network of individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting working peace, social justice and enlightened humanism in South Asia and in the world as a whole. It is devoted to discussion of general issues concerning South Asia. You can also access it at


2.      Peace & Harmony News from South Asia, a daily selection of news stories pertaining to South Asian governments, civil society organizations and individuals working together on projects of mutual benefit including peace and communal harmony, and those relating to attempts to improve the condition of South Asian peoples, especially women and children. It can also be accessed at


3.      Kashmir News & Views, a daily selection of news and/or articles about various parts of Jammu & Kashmir. Old issues can be viewed at


4.      ACHA Peace Bulletin, a monthly compilation of articles, books, conferences, educational and training opportunities, events, and event reports about peace and harmony in South Asia. Old issues are accessible at


More information about ACHA is available at our two websites: &



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1.      I have read ACHA Mission statement at I endorse it.


2.      I have read ACHA Declaration of Commitment at I agree to abide by it in my daily life.


3.      I agree to keep ACHA informed of any change in my email address. I understand that
    failure to do so will result in cancellation of my ACHA Membership.


*4.My Family/Last Name is  _________________________________________


*5. My First/Given Name is ___________________________________________


6.      My complete mailing/postal address is _______________________________


*7. I live in the province/sate of ________________________________________


*8.  I live in the country of  ____________________________________________


9. My email address is ________________________________________________


10. My phone number is ______________________________________________


11. As required effective January 1, 2011, I agree to make a donation to ACHA every year,††††††††† ††

††††† to help ACHA carry out its mission. (Applicants in South Asia, please see note at the end

††††† of this application.


12. For this year, I agree to donate _________________ Please make your Check/Money

††††† Order payable to ACHA, and mail it to ACHA, 4410 Verda Lane NE, Keizer, OR 97303, †††††

†††† USA.



*This information may be used for the Membership List on ACHA website


NOTE: South Asian members are requested to make checks/ bank drafts/ or money orders payable to


In India: Jan Mitra Nyas, Varanasi


In Pakistan: PILER




Indicate on your Check/Bank Draft/Money Order that it is meant for ACHA; &

Notify ACHA by email that you have sent a donation, its amount and date.


In INDIA please mail your Check/Bank Draft/Money Order to -



c/o Dr. Lenin Raghuvansi

SA 4/2 A, Daulatpur,

Varanasi, U.P. 221002



In PAKISTAN mail your Check/Bank Draft/Money Order to -


c/o Mr. Sharafat Ali,

ST-OO1 Sector X-V
Gulshan E Maymar

For your records, these organizations will send you a formal receipt after your Check/Bank Draft/Money Order has been cashed, AS WELL AS email a copy of the receipt to ACHA.