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AsiaPeace is an electronic discussion/action group that grew out of an attempt, initiated by the Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA), in June 2000, in cooperation with other individuals and organization around the world, to explore the possibility of starting a campaign to bring about peace in South Asia. 

The chief purpose of the campaign was to provide a framework for a SUSTAINED, COORDINATED AND COMPREHENSIVE campaign in South Asia until we achieve our objective. It did not intend to replace any participating South Asia peace, harmony, secularism, human rights and child, women, and minority welfare activist or organization. Instead, each individual and organization was have MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY in setting up its specific agenda and in choice of specific methods to accomplish it, as long as each participating activist or organization pledges to work in a non-violent manner to pursue the common mission of the campaign.

In August 2001, the following was adopted by the participants as its Mission Statement. Currently it is the Mission Statement of AsiaPeace as well as ACHA.

The Peace Campaign in South Asia 2001 envisions South Asia to be a region of peace and harmony:

  1. Where individuals of all regions, religions, rational persuasions, sects, castes, and cultural and ethnic groups live in peace and harmony, and their holy books, places of worship, and founders are respected.

  3. Where there are no wars or threats of wars, and nations respect each others' borders and solve their disputes through peaceful means.

  5.  Where governments respect the human rights of all their residents and do not engage in persecution or repression of any individual or group on account of caste, ethnic or national origin, beliefs, religious practices, or political affiliations.

  7.  Where children of both genders, and women enjoy respect and protection.

You can find more information about AsiaPeace at as well as at ACHA Website

To join AsiaPeace email a request to Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Co-Chair & Moderator of AsiaPeace at

To facilitate communication among them, ACHA website has a listing of various South Asia Related Peace, Harmony, Secularism, & Human Rights Organizations in the world that are known to ACHA.
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Posted 5 July 2000 
Last revised 3 July 2004
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